There are several models of UniverZuil available, i.e. indoor and outdoor models. They can be fitted with one or two slots to collect visitor passes. The Univerzuil is available in any colour.

The high model makes it easy for truck and bus drivers to use the card collector. The 'double operation' type of this model allows the UniverZuil to be used by both truck and bus drivers and car drivers.

The outdoor model is fitted with climate controle and drainage.

uitvoeringen univerzuil

LIS: Low Indoor Single

LIS Low Indoor Single Univerzuil 6  LIS Low Indoor Single Univerzuil classic 3  LIS Low Indoor Single bovenaanzicht classic


size in mm (h x w x d)                1100 x 200 x 150
material stainless steel
location inside
usage collecting visitors card (card collector)
fitted with certified yale locks
weight 45 kilogram